Top Notch Trading 01/02/18

​Good morning,
An opening print of 152.17 found an initial high of 152.18 / low 152.16 holding the pivotal price of 152.15.  The ensuing move looked to test a stop price of 152.25 when topping out at a high of 152.24.  Sideways action for the next 20 minutes found that initial high of 152.18 for a low.  A retest of that 152.24 price held 2nd offering rejecting any further upside and with it came a move to the pivotal price, low 152.14, followed with a print of the initial low 152.16, and sat there for the next 5 plus minutes with a sideways volley in that area, but the clues were out there especially when it never did find that opening print leading a move that caught me by surprise taking out a first support price of 152.04, 1st fib level of 152.00, resting at a current low at 151.28.  It did manage a small halt on that move at the pre-market low of 152.08, when making a low at 152.07, but just like the early volley it only managed a last high of 152.09 in a 10 minute time frame which found that current low.  This future appears ready to take on the 2nd fib level of 151.23 with today’s # price of 151.16 in its sight.  That turn off the high put a negative bias with the turn of the opening print / pivotal prices with red flags waving “buyer beware”.  I’m looking for any bounce at this time to short.  Tabbing the board for clues.  Charts do point to the 152.11 price as a bounce target.
Top Notch