I’ve been Top Notch Trading for over 20 years now, offering ‘daily’ technical analysis and insight for the S&P, Nasdaq, & 30 Year Bond. Now, you can sign up for my service, which gives you access to all three futures (S&P, Bond, and NASDAQ) for only $125.

I have a 30 Year Bond report released at 7:00am for the day trade
(from 7:20am to 2:00pm)
I have a S&P + NASDAQ futures morning index report released at 8:15am (or earlier) for the day trade (From 8:30am to 3:15pm)
These reports follow up with two updates, one at 9:30am and 12:00pm as the trade enters into the second half of the trading day.

Link for service-

30 Year Bond – https://tradechat.me/co/topnotch-bonds (30 Year @ $50.00)

Full Service – https://tradechat.me/co/topnotch-m (All 3 @ $125.00)

S&P / Nasdaq – https://tradechat.me/co/topnotch-sp (just indexes @ $75.00)

Any questions give me a shout: haefketim@gmail.com for further details.